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NBA, Damian Lillard pubblica un nuovo pezzo sulle proteste: "Blacklist". TESTO


Con il nome d’arte di Dame D.O.L.L.A., la stella dei Portland Trail Blazers ha pubblicato un nuovo pezzo rap in cui parla delle proteste dopo l’uccisione di George Floyd a Minneapolis, guadagnandosi l’apprezzamento di Dwyane Wade: "Sei uno vero"


Come molti ormai sanno, esistono due Damian Lillard: il primo è quello che gioca per i Portland Trail Blazers; il secondo è quello che si esibisce con il microfono in mano. Con il nome d’arte di Dame D.O.L.L.A. il cinque volte All-Star ha pubblicato un nuovo pezzo con il titolo di "Blacklist" nel quale parla apertamente del momento storico che stanno attraversando gli Stati Uniti, dalle proteste a seguito della morte di George Floyd all’ingiustizia sociale, dal razzismo strutturale al suo ruolo nella società in quanto atleta nero di fama mondiale. "Da fratello con un buon cuore, dico fan…o ai razzisti e ai bianchi che rimangono in silenzio: state impedendo il cambiamento" dice Lillard all’inizio della traccia, nella quale fa riferimento anche a grandi sportivi impegnati politicamente come Muhamad Ali (“Non era il più grande di sempre per quello che faceva con le mani, ma perché era in prima linea per la sua gente), Tommy Smith (“Pugno in alto, quello è il valore del nostro legame”) e Colin Kaepernick (“Le cose che abbiamo dovuto provare e sentire quando il nostro paese ha girato le spalle a Kaepernick dopo essersi inginocchiato”). La traccia, ripresa dall’account social di ESPN, ha trovato subito l’apprezzamento di Dwyane Wade: “Amo questo ragazzo, è uno vero” ha twittato la leggenda dei Miami Heat in riferimento a Lillard.

Il testo di “Blacklist” di Dame D.O.L.L.A.

As a brotha with a good heart, I say “F… you," if you racist
Or white, stayin' quiet, you disablin' the changes
And f… bein' famous, tired of watchin' us complainin'
Cops kill a brother, get released after arraignments

We in a pandemic, thought gettin' out, I'd be more joyed
Then I watched a cop, knee to the neck and kill George Floyd
They hide behind the badge, we get to postin', it never last
Like was we ever mad? Speed up the process and do the dash, uh
Showin' up at every establishment, breakin' glass
Takin' all they high-end products and makin' cash
We in our bag, they gettin' mad, gotta attack the D.O.L.L.A
Break they ass off proper, hit, dawgs holler
As a rich black man livin' in this country, it's hard bein' comfy
When the hate your people get is comin' from the ones amongst me
Used to call us monkeys and slaves and we overcame
Still, our work is just beginnin', protests look like parades
And if a teammate of mine do underage
I'ma snitch, me and you ain't a fit
I ain't gon' sit or convince myself that I'm bein' loyal or mad at you
So why these good cops won't speak on the bad apples?
How the President get on the TV and be mad casual, like
"If you lootin', we shootin'," like it's a game?
Dude a clown and a trust fund baby, he numb to pain
Never had it hard, came into office, unpatched the scars
Let the racist people tell us we really ain't make it far
I feel the tension risin', 1950, how we divided
And I ain't even trippin' on how the season decided
Racism pandemic is years ahead of the virus
Really mean it, but they gon' try to play us as tyrants, look
Ali wasn't the greatest just 'cause his hands work
Front line for his people, this was a man's work
Before he let the black people down, he let the fans hurt
So if the stars is aligned, that mean it can work
Don't need approval, I always been doin' God's work
Even before I was in a Bentley like Fonzworth
Make me sick to my stomach to see these moms hurt
Tommy Smith, fists in the air, that's what our bond worth
Support black businesses, gotta fight evil
We love ourselves, we don't hate white people
We just strivin' for equality, acknowledge me
Don't just kill me for chillin' when in my property
Got some shit on my mind and I'm feelin' helpless
'Cause we need help from people who ain't dealt with
The kinda shit we experience or we felt
When the country turned on Kaepernick after he knelt-ed
All the shit we endured and we still playin' fair
That black skin really thicker than some Jamaican hair
Our culture beautiful, battle-tested and tough, we had enough
So you either come with some change or it's gon' be rough


And as a brotha with a good heart, I say “F… you," if you racist
Or white, stayin' quiet, you disablin' the changes
And f… bein’ famous, tired of watchin' us complainin'
Cops kill a brother, get released after arraignments, pshh